About Us

The company Bordados Joaquim Oliveira & Oliveira, Lda is a company that offers services in the área of industrial embroidery.

Since its foundation, in 1989, Bordados Oliveira has centered efforts on satisfying the needs of our clients, assuming a leadership position in the fields of innovation and quality of service, due to the know-how of a management team with a great field experience and the dynamic spirit of our workers.

The growing importance that the embroidery has come to take on the textile business, because of the valorization and personalization of the base article, puts us on the forefront of the trends of textile due to our constant search for innovation.

The company Bordados Oliveira has, at your service, a work group that will certainly find solutions to your requests, from simple embroideries to the most complex demands.

In order to offer a better service, Bordados Oliveira, has a completely computerized work system based on the most recent computerized and mechanic technologies of the sector. After the idealization of the project, i tis subjected to a rigorous treatment on sophisticated editing systems and is afterwards put to practice with the highest quality standards.

Mission and goals

Our main purpose is our client’s satisfaction.
We believe that there aren’t impossible works and we strive to answer the market’s needs.

We privilege the quality of the end product and the fulfilment of the delivery dates, because our motto is to produce the best possible work in the least possible time.

The Group Bordados Oliveira

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