Renewal certificate of quality

The Bordados Joaquim Oliveira & Oliveira, lda as renewed on 23/12/2016 the Quality Management certification, according to the Norma NP EN... Ler mais

OEKO-TEX Certificate

The company Bordados Joaquim Oliveira & Oliveira, Lda. Has obtained on 27/09/2016 the OEKO-TEX ® STANDARD 100 – CLASSE II certification, promoted... Ler mais


For the third consecutive year, the Bordados Oliveira group made its mark on Prémière Vision Paris. Where we made the presentation of the new... Ler mais

Quality Certificate

In the end of 2008, and taking a perspective of continuous evolution and improvement on the quality of services rendered, our staff was given the challenge to look for the quality certification on the normative NP EN ISO 9001, integrating this way the group of qualified companies with effective answers and that go to meet the specific needs of the textile sector.

We know that this is only the beginning of a long road of growth and evolution that should be in our staff’s day to day work ethic. The satisfaction of all our clients is a priority and the main reason for all this procedure. Procedure that takes a long time, and that is sometimes painful mainly because we need to implicate and motivate all our staff, from all the intervening sectors, because only working as a team we can make a real change and a continuous evolution.

The big challenge, launched by the management of Bordados Oliveira, started by showing all its workers that more and better could be done, understanding the fragilities, find mechanisms, instruments, where we could systematize ways of acting, changing conducts that are deeply rooted, discovering new ways of internal organization, mainly managing and organizing disperse information.

Obtaining the ISO9001 certification in 03/12/2009, translates the result of the commitment of Bordados Oliveira that in process of continuous improvement tried to plan, execute, verify and measure these procedures in a way to continually do better, with less costs and in the least possible time.

The Bordados Joaquim Oliveira & Oliveira, Lda. ISO9001 certification demonstrates a true commitment with the Quality of the services rendered.

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